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Solar Energy, the abudant free energy source.

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Eliminate Electricity Bills

A typical 5kW system can save you up to $94 dollars from every bill


Rebates And Tax Credits

The CSI (California Solar Initiative) offers people like you, great funds and rebate programs.

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Green and Renewable Energy that doesn't harm the environment


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Why Install Solar Panels Now?

There are plenty of great incentives that make solar energy a greatly appealing idea in California. Some of these are:

  • Cheaper Electricity Bills including the actual cost of solar panels

  • No Additional Taxes for the Increase in home value from solar panels

  • Possible Rebates And Tax Credits from the state of California

  • Money that comes from returning electricity to the grid



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Live green and protect the environment!


With over 250 days of sunshine a year on average, California is the ideal state for creating solar energy. The Golden State is actually an ideal state for solar panels, thanks to the plentitude of sunshine and the favorable 'A' grade net metering law.

Solar energy is 100% clean, which means that you will be protecting the environment, while enjoying the same luxuries as before - only cheaper! With solar panels, even if the grid fails, you will still have electricity in your home when the sun rises!

A typical 5kW system can save you up to $94 dollars from every bill. If you deduce the solar panel cost, you still get an amazing profit of around $40-$60 per month, and it doesn't stop there! If you opt for a bigger system, you can easily double these figures and earn even more.

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